What To Do With Designer Clothes You Don't Wear ?

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Designer clothes encompass more than the practical usefulness of clothing. What distinguishes such pieces from fast fashion is the element of art in their creation. The specific idea behind every piece requires time and mental effort to blossom into existence. But what happens when that idea doesn't correspond with your lifestyle or interests anymore? If you moved on to another piece of enticing designer clothing, your older items should move on, too. 


The options for your designer clothes

When we do not need something anymore, the first thought crossing our minds is to dispose of the item. It is, however, not something we can easily do with designer clothing. These luxury pieces were an investment when they were bought and we should treat them as an investment at the end. Their life-cycle may have been short in your possession; you may have purchased the item for a specific occasion, and it is unlikely you will wear it again. After all, certain items are too unique to be worn twice. However, such clothes deserve to be worn and appreciated, which leads us to a few viable options:

  • You can sell your designer clothing,
  • You can exchange it for other designer items, or
  • You can get entrepreneurial.


Depending on the amount of time you can spare, you may choose to cash in on your designer pieces promptly or make them a basis for a marketing strategy for your little side business.


Sell your designer clothes

Luxury fashion provides great quality for a great price, but as soon as those items are sold to you, they become second-hand, and the price inevitably falls. Those pieces may have outlived their usefulness or they simply do not entice you anymore, but they will surely light a spark in someone else. Especially when they see the new price tag.

The best place to sell your designer clothing is a website run by likeminded people who appreciate fashion and are enthusiastic about continuing its life-cycle.

HEWI London is one such website. They buy and sell pre-owned designer clothing, taking care of all the important steps in the process. As a seller, you can count they will arrange for pick-up of your items, assure payment security, and deal with buyer inquiries on your behalf. Your job is only to declutter your wardrobes as they specialize in designer clothing, shoes, and accessories for women, men, and children.

However, they are not alone in the business. Other websites also offer consultations, necessary authentication, and pick-up service with a prepaid label. Researching these sites in advance will make you familiar with the brands they buy and sell and determine which one suits your taste better. Some of the websites you should include in your search are Vestiaire Collective, Vide Dressing, Edit Secondhand, and Rewind Vintage.

Note that New York offers great storage solutions should you need space for the clothes you plan to sell. The ideal storage solution would be a small, climate-controlled unit that is close to your home and accessible 24/7. Selling the items on your own implies posting them from your inventory and you would wish to have it nearby, just not unnecessarily cluttering your home.


Exchange your designer clothes with other high-end fashion appreciators

Designer Exchange is another website where you can sell and purchase designer clothing. Instead of money, it can provide you with a voucher in compensation for your sold item, toward a purchase on their website. It makes the exchange easier, faster, and more secure. The voucher or the exchange price never expires. Also, they trade with more than 130 renowned brands and offer not only designer clothing but handbags, accessories, shoes, and jewelry. Bagista is a resale site that offers similar exchange services, although it specializes in handbags, specifically Hermes, Chanel, and Luis Vuitton.


Start a fashion blog or YouTube channel

Some of the designer items you own are unquestionably timeless, unique pieces. If you don't wear the items, you can certainly inspire others to join the world of high fashion, following in your footsteps. Your sense of style is your strongest playing card. Create a blog or channel, if you haven't already, and showcase your combinations.

Most fashion vloggers are YouTubers showcasing items they received from the brands for testing. Your channel would be a step-up, as you already have all the necessary material in your wardrobe. Moreover, you can make stylish combinations and model them at the same time with clothing that fits you perfectly.

Do not shy from advertising your stylishness and clothing on other social media networks such as Instagram or Facebook. It is quite normal for a luxury brand to advertise on a social network and amass followers and buyers. This can turn out to be an excellent base for a potential entrepreneurial project.


Start your second-hand designer clothes shop

We are constantly showered with prejudice. People who dress in high-end designer clothes are not necessarily snobs. People who decidedly purchase second-hand, slightly worn or unworn clothing are not necessarily cheap. Hence, those who are interested in a more sustainable way of luxury shopping, and more reasonable pricing, will be your target buyers.

The best places for your online shop are big retail platforms, but do not underestimate developing your own name in the online second-hand sale business. Selling on well-known global platforms will ignite your business, and it's up to you to set the course.

Amazon will help you set up your online shop and allow you to put your second-hand designer clothing in front of millions of shoppers worldwide. You can choose to advertise on the site and use their payment solutions. If you have already invested in a website, connecting with Amazon via Amazon Pay will direct buyers to your site. It will make them linger for a while longer and explore. They might subscribe in the hope of benefitting from any deal you might have for them.


Some final thoughts

It is not by chance that owners of the above mentioned re-sale websites call their designer wares “pre-loved”. While such pieces were greatly appreciated once, their life doesn’t need to end there, in the back of our wardrobes. These designer pieces are supposed to shine, and, hopefully, make their new owners happy. Several alternatives mentioned in this article should inspire responsible luxury shopping but also show that pre-loved pieces of art can and should be loved again.



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Lesley Peretti is an interior designer by day and blogger by night, enthusiastic about everything art-related. She finds inspiration, motivation, and relaxation in nature which has influenced her to bring the outdoors inside in her own home.

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