The 5 Brands Of Designer Bags You Should Wear (At Least Once) For The Winter Season.

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To quote a famous series that everyone knows: "Winter is coming".


Yes, it has now become so recurrent to use this phrase that you could start from this article without even wanting to read further (or else feel like sticking your pair of UGG boots in your friend's mouth. But given the price you paid for your pair of boots, you prefer to pretend you didn't hear anything. You're magnanimous and you're right !.


To stay in this ruthless wave that is fashion, we are going to suggest you the trendiest brands of designer bags that should not be missing in your wardrobe.

The models of these designer houses are different (and fortunately !!) but all these models can go with any style.

Whether it's handbags, shoulder bags or other, one thing is for sure: all these products are at the top of fashion !!


The selection of bags includes some of the best fashion designer brands from around the world: GUESS, COACH, GUCCI, MICHAEL KORS and FURLA.


Why this one?


We have also thought about the history of the brand, the work done on the noble material it treated, but also, as quickly said above, the "adaptability" of each brand's models to a particular style of clothing.

And we start our recommendations with ...






Perhaps the most popular fashion designer brand for women around the world. (and yet the competition is very, very tough!)

Sensual and glamorous line, a chic not found elsewhere with a touch of retro. Talking and wearing a GUESS brand product is a great experience to share and live.




One of the jewels of "American-style" luxury for more than 70 years (date of its creation: 1941). Innovative design, very fine materials and very high quality leather are used to create unique, elegant and sophisticated works.




OH ! GUCCI......

Its designs, its products, but also its production 100% made in Italy. A style that is recognizable among many others and a quality of materials that gives it its superb and well-deserved place in the world of luxury. Not to mention the extraordinary know-how of its craftsmen, who have been working for more than 100 years! GUCCI was founded in 1921.





A very young luxury fashion designer brand compared to these colleagues, yet one that has managed to seduce women all over the world. MICHAEL KORS presents such a palette in the choice of bags, from backpacks to mini-bags to shoulder bags. To have it among these five choices is obvious. It is a brand that could be called "the most sought-after" brand among women, because the multiple ranges of bags that the brand offers give a certain touch of class, and this, with all your outfits of the moment.






One of the strong symbols of elegance, creativity and Italian fashion with lines that are always refined and a style that is always sophisticated. One of the oldest luxury fashion designer houses, almost as old as GUCCI (1928). Not to be trendy with this brand's bags is almost impossible.


So here are the bags you should wear at least once during the winter season. Of course, many other bags from the great fashion designers also deserve to have their names appear, but to want to put them all on the front would be like, for example, being in front of a candy store or a toy store during our childhood. We want to have them all, but in the end we always have to make a choice. So, in the beginning, we stomp our feet, but in the end, we're still happy with our choice.


And you, which of these brands do you prefer?



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