The Luxury Brand COACH Will Participate In Macy's Parade For Thanksgiving In New York


It is a news item to be read as a moment of relaxation.

For the first time, the COACH luxury brand, famous for its luxury leather goods but also for its ready-to-wear, is about to take part in the famous Thanksgiving parade organized each year by Macy's stores in New York.

This is interesting news because it is the first time that a luxury brand has participated in this kind of celebration.

Nor should we be surprised by this, because we can see that the participation of the luxury brand COACH in this parade is the beginning of a new partnership between the two brands.

During this event, which is scheduled for November 28, 2019, the famous luxury leather goods brand will unveil a tank that will be baaptized "Rexy in the City".

Who the hell is Rexy?

Rexy is simply the brand's dinosaur mascot and he will be in the middle of the parade with a glittering reinvention in New York.

The brand's CEO, Joshua Schulman, is quite pleased with this event, saying: "There is no better way to launch the end-of-year festivities than to participate in this great American tradition. The project underlines not only the importance of our partnership with Macy's, but also the future sales business model, which moves from simple distribution to a meaningful brand storytelling."

The executive producer of this parade, Susan Tercero, sees the tank presented by COACH as a "dazzling artistic marvel of engineering and animation, which will bring a new dimension of enchantment to the event".

Coach will take this opportunity to launch an exclusive capsule on Rexy's theme. T-shirts, leather goods, shoes and accessories will be available online from 15 November 2019.

The annual Thanksgiving parade attracts more than 3.5 million spectators each year. This 93rd edition will be broadcast live on NBC-TV.

Besides, don't be surprised to see a certain brand arrive in our online store that starts with C and ends with H for the BLACK FRIDAY and Christmas period.

Did you guess what this brand is?


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