The BALMAIN brand launches on the TIKTOK social network

Another news from the BALMAIN house.

Since his appointment as Artistic Director in 2011 for the BALMAIN brand, Olivier Rousteing has demonstrated an immense talent for communication through the use of social and personal networks on Instagram.

With the opening of the Balmain show to the public in June 2019, Olivier Rousteing once again surprises in innovation.

The launch of the collaboration between PUMA and the PUMA streetwear brand allows it to invest in a new social network, but not just any one, since it is the most popular social network today.

What's his name? TIKTOK, the platform dedicated to the distribution of short videos.

The BALMAIN brand states in a press release: "Balmain has become the first Parisian luxury house to create its own full-time TIKTOK account".

We can then ask ourselves the question: "But what will be the role of this social network than the other social networks already invested before? »


The account will transcribe the backstage of the preparation of the preparation of the collaboration preparation Balmain x Puma and the model Cara Delevingne. The participation of creators and other creative people from the brand's lifestyle sector will also be highlighted on this account.

"They will create a series of distinct, inventive and compelling insights, quick questions/answers and fun behind-the-scenes reports on the efforts needed to successfully launch a fashion project" according to the luxury brand's specifications.


We will therefore look at this account on the theme of spontaneity and distraction of vlogs, humorous sketches, dance and various observations of creators.

All this content will be published both on the Balmain account and on the creators' account in order to always keep his community informed of his news.


For Olivier Rousteing: "Balmain has always been a leader in finding new ways to communicate directly with our subscribers and customers...... We have never been afraid to push the boundaries or make unorthodox choices and it has always been a lot of fun to check for surprise reactions when we do. I am delighted to start exploring the new opportunities that our presence on TikTok will open up for us. »

With the notoriety that the TIKTOK social network is beginning to gain, it is quite obvious to see a brand present itself on this platform. You just had to know when. Now we have our answer.

Now, who will be next?


Credit photo: Balmain


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