Sonia Rykiel: A Possible Miracle For The French Luxury Fashion Designer Brand?

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A new episode of the SONIA RYKIEL saga has just opened. If we announced the end of the French luxury designer brand a few months ago (see our previous article about the death of the designer house), it seems that it is not yet ready to be buried.

The last few years and the summer of 2019 have been very hard for the brand of fashion designer SONIA RYKIEL. The symbol of these years of misfortune begins with the death of its creator in 2016.

After this event, financial difficulties placed the fashion house in judicial liquidation by the Paris Commercial Court.

Despite more than a dozen proposals studied, the brand, then owned by the Chinese investment fund FIRST HERITAGE BRAND, had to close its doors. The main reason was that the offers of potential buyers did not seem sufficiently valid for a deal.

This announcement led to the dismissal of 131 people and the seemingly definitive end of the designer house.



A new hope for the French designer house?


New information has emerged in recent weeks.

These offers would concern the acquisition of rights and the recovery of the archives of the French luxury brand. These offers are again being examined by a judge in order to verify the validity of the proposed offers.

The verdict, which will be announced by court order after the various bids have been examined, could be officially pronounced during this month of December 2019.

At the time of writing, we do not know any of the possible buyers, but the mystery surrounding their names is rather interesting. Interesting, as it could give some insight into the future of the SONIA RYKIEL brand.

One should not forget the rather characteristic style of the RYKIEL designer house:

  • frequent use of the stripe pattern ;

  • and very striking work around the knitwear.


So the future, if there can be a future for the brand of designer clothes, will perhaps be based on two options. The first would be to retain the DNA of the brand and the second option would be a total break.

Whichever option the future buyer chooses, it will be a "resurrection" and a new challenge that will be interesting to observe.

We will, of course, keep you informed for any further information regarding this matter.


Photo credit: Sonia Rykiel

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